Eaglet Eye Technology for Keratoconus – Eye Surface Profiler

With older technology, fitting contact lenses for Keratoconus was much a trial-and-error process as there is a lot of estimation in the design of RGP or Scleral lenses. Many Optometrists in practice today, especially those not specializing in treating Keratoconus, still use that older technology.

At Specs Appeal in Decatur, our Keratoconus Specialist Dr. Minh Ta has integrated the latest Eaglet Eye technology to provide our patients with faster and more accurate cornea measurements than ever before. The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler is a highly advanced topographical tool that allows specially trained optometrists like Dr. Ta to take highly accurate measurements of the cornea, sclera (eye white), and limbus (area between the sclera and the cornea). 350,000 separate measurement points across a 20mm area, the Eaglet Surface Profiler can precisely and accurately map every tiny detail in your eye’s surface. This means less time in the doctor’s office and more time enjoying your comfortable new contact lenses.

Pentacam tomography OCT

Use of tomography OCT help us catch Keratoconus in early disease, when signs can be subtle and easy to miss. A Pentacam gives both anterior and posterior curvature and thickness of the cornea.

Solix OCT

An OCT (optical coherence tomography) is valuable for monitoring corneal disease, as well as evaluating lens fitting and design. Once we receive the custom-designed contact lens back from the lab, we will put it on your eye and look at it with our high-powered microscope and Solix OCT. Never before have we been able to scan right through a lens on the eye over 360 degrees around the eye and see a 3D image at any angle and any meridian. We’re able to watch how the back of that new lens follows the contour of the unusual cornea.

We can actually measure how well a new contact lens fits on the eye down to 1 micron. If something is not quite right, we’ll know it immediately, even if the patient doesn’t perceive it.
help catch Keratoconus in early disease.

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Here you’ll find information to help you understand keratoconus, its causes, and treatment options. At Specs Appeal, Dr. Minh Ta is devoted to restoring quality vision and ocular comfort to those who have been affected by keratoconus.

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