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A cataract is when the lens (normally clear part in the center of the eye) becomes cloudy. There is no pain associated with the condition but the usual symptoms or complaint include:
  • Blurred vision or glare: your vision may seem blurry or foggy because the proteins in your natural lens become cloudy, making it difficult to finely focus the light entering your eye.
  • Halos around lights, especially noticeable at night when driving.
  • Headlights and streetlights may have a starburst effect around them.
  • Colors look faded: Colors may appear dulled, as if you’re looking through a tinted filter.
  • Double vision: You may see an image with another “ghost” image next to it. To check if a cataract is the possible cause, close one eye at a time. If the double vision remains when one eye is closed, that's a sign you may have a cataract in the open eye.

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Most people develop cataracts due to time, with the majority of cases occurring in people over the age of 55. To help slow down cataract changes is to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet light from the sun, stop smoking, maintain good control of systemic conditions like diabetes and hypertension and limiting certain medications that may be associated with cataract progression.
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