Digital Eye Exams

State-of-the-art Digital Phoropter

Gone is the old phoropter with all the dials, a tool to measure your prescription that had virtually remained almost unchanged since it’s invention in the early 1900s.  We offer the new digital eye exam.  With it’s preciseness and accuracy, our doctors can gather five times the information about your eyes than your previous exams.  With our digital exam we can get a more precise measurement of your eyes and the diagnostics are fast.  We take account how your eyes work as a team both in the distance and near, and also can assess how your depth perception is at night vs. during the day.

We pride ourselves in having the best of the best equipment.  By keeping abreast on the latest technology equipment, we have chosen the precision of German-engineered diagnostic equipement, Zeiss iProfiler,  It provides us with detailed information of your eyes as individual as a fingerprint.  We don’t simply start off with an estimate with your prescription, we gather a Corneal Topography (computer assisted diagnostic tool that creates a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea).  An eye with normal vision has an evenly rounded cornea, but if the cornea is too flat, too steep, or unevenly curved, less than perfect vision results. The greatest advantage of corneal topography is its ability to detect irregular conditions invisible to most conventional testing.

i.Scription by ZEISS

Specs Appeal uses i.Scription®, a revolutionary new technology by ZEISS that determines the unique requirements of your eyes with far greater precision than standard methods, resulting in eyeglass lenses more attuned to your vision needs than any other lenses available today.

The difference begins with the eye exam. With i.Scription, your doctor examines your pupil under multiple lighting conditions, and can detect even the smallest obstacles to achieving optimal vision. The result is a more precise prescription and ZEISS customized lenses that can give you the best possible vision.

iScription by Zeiss

i.Scription by ZEISS is based on data collected from the i.Profiler – an instrument designed to determine the exact “fingerprint” of your eyes. This makes it possible for us to create ZEISS customized lenses with i.Scription to deliver the best vision possible.

iScription machines

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