A comprehensive eye examination at Specs Appeal in Decatur is more than just a simple eye chart vision test. At your appointment, eye disease, general eye health and the retina are assessed in addition to your visual acuity. Many diseases can affect your eye health so it is important to have an eye exam regularly.

Try to gather as much as you can about your family medical history before your eye exam. Since many eye conditions are hereditary, this will help your optometrist determine the risk of developing genetic or hereditary eye conditions. Be prepared to discuss your vision needs. If you have a specific need that you would like to have addressed such as eye fatigue related to computer use, it is helpful to measure the distance to your computer monitor prior to your appointment. We will always go above and beyond to make sure your vision and eye needs are met.

If you are new to our office, bring in contact lenses information and all eyeglasses you currently wear. If you are able to, bring in a copy of your old prescription as well. Your eye doctor will often compare your old prescription to your new one. If you are currently on any medications, be sure to inform your eye doctor.

Eye exams can vary, but be prepared to be at the office for approximately 1 hour as we do extensive testing of ocular health and go over all the digital images with you while in the office. You only get one set of eyes, booking an eye test with an office that does more than the basics is essential to ensure you are taking proper care of your eyes and vision.

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No medical insurance? No Problem!
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