Navigating the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Making the Best of it

  1. How to keep glasses from fogging up:  Glasses fog up for one reason, a temperature differential.  The key is to keep the moisture from your breath from going directly onto your glasses.  Keeping a snug fit over the nose area will help, especially if your mask has a metal bar to help keep the shape.  If not, there are two ways to prevent fogging up according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department: One is to simply fold the top fourth of the mask before wearing it. This helps redirect your breath so that it’s not pointing directly towards your glasses.  The second way, if you don’t want to make your mask size smaller is take a single plain tissue and fold it up, and put it beneath the top edge of the mask before putting the mask on.  The tissue will help block and absorb the moisture from your breath that would otherwise pass upwards and fog up your glasses. This also provides a bit of softer padding than the inside of a mask typically provides, making it a bit more comfortable to wear.
  2. During this crisis, local food banks need us more than ever.  Help by purchasing a pair of Sunsnap Kid’s Sunglasses as all proceeds from now until Easter will be donated to our local food bank.  What a fun way to give back – Get some cool fun shades for the little ones in your life (nieces/nephews, neighbors’ kids, grandkids) and help those who need help the most.  $18 for non-polarized sunglasses, $30 for polarized sunglasses, comes in 3 gender neutral colors.  Call or email our office to order.  To learn more about the sunglasses follow this link.
  3. We know the frustrations of poorly fitted glasses, and it’s even more frustrating as a healthcare worker during this time.  We understand the importance of the less you touch around your face the better.  A few healthcare workers have brought to our attention the problem of their glasses fitting poorly with their N95 masks.  Dosuno glasses have been a great solution.  Every frame comes with a set of head straps. The temples can be easily removed to use only the straps so that it can fit well with the mask and provide a snug and comfortable fit without the bulkiness of goggles.  It fits well under face shields as well.  If you know anyone that can benefit from these, let them know!
  4. If you wear contacts lenses, daily disposables is a better option.  A new pair everyday will decrease your chance of reinserting a contaminated pair.  If you would like to switch to Dailies temporarily during this pandemic, call our office.  We may be able to extend your contact lenses to dailies disposables on a case to case basis.
  5. Consider a peroxide-based cleaner like Aquaclear Peroxide or Clearcare cleaner for your contacts. CDC states 3% hydrogen peroxide can deactivate rhinovirus, the virus that causes the common cold, within 6-8 minutes of contact.  Coronavirus is easier to destroy than rhinovirus, so hydrogen peroxide may be effective at combatting that virus as well. Clearcare and Aquaclear are both peroxide-based contact lens cleaners.  Clearcare is available at most pharmacies.  Aquaclear is a private label peroxide cleaner that we carry in the office to offer you an affordable option.  Get ONE set (3-pack of 9 oz bottles) for $15, or TWO sets (total of six 9 oz bottles) for $22.  We’re happy to offer you these savings.
  6. Don’t forget to wash your glasses like your hands.  You can simply use non-creamy soap (dish soap is best) and water to wash your glasses for 20 seconds.  To shine up your lenses use the microfiber lens cloth you received with your glasses purchase or lens wipes.  If you need a replacement, just contact our office. 70% isopropyl alcohol can be used on metal frames but try to avoid for plastic frames as the alcohol can ruin some finishes of plastic.  3% hydrogen peroxide is safe to be used on all materials.
  7. HYPOCHLOROUS SPRAY – Use 0.02% hypochloric spray to provide comfort to irritated red itchy eyelids.  It soothes your lids and lashes and keeps them clean.  It is natural and non-toxic yet is an effective germocidal, virucidal and bacteriacidal agent.  Please call our office if you would like to purchase some hypochloric solution spray.
  8. Wear your glasses when you can!  It acts as a barrier to protect your eyes.
  9. Telemedicine, virtual try-ons – We are here for you!  If you have any concerns about your eyes, we are available for phone consult or telemedicine.  If you need glasses, we can arrange for a personal 1-1 shopping of our optical to keep you safe at home.
  10. If you currently have less than 3 month supply of contact lenses, we highly recommend you place an order now.  Certain brands and powers are currently experiencing back orders.  Shipping will be free on contact lens orders of 2 boxes or more.  We will extend contact lens prescription expiration dates on a case by case basis.

Together we’ll get through this!  Thank you for your support of our small business and appreciate you.  We are grateful to be part of your community.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Be safe, be well.