What is Lumify?

LUMIFY™ is a new FDA-approved eye drop designed to whiten and brighten eyes more effectively than current over-the-counter drops.  

How Does It Treat Ocular Redness?

Red eyes are caused by swollen or dilated blood vessels on the white outer surface of the eye (conjunctiva). Brimonidine (the active ingredient in Lumify) selectively narrows blood vessels in the eye, which increases the availability of oxygen to the surrounding eye tissues so they appear brighter and whiter. In clinical studies, low-dose brimonidine showed 95% symptom improvement at 1 minute, and reduced redness for up to 8 hours.

How Is This Different from Clear Eyes or Visine?

Clear Eyes and Visine are non-selective redness-relieving eye drops that constrict blood vessels in the eye. Frequent use of these eye medications may cause you to develop a tolerance or loss of effectiveness (known as tachyphylaxis), as well as rebound redness. Thus, starts the endless cycle of: eyes look red, use drops; eyes still look red, so use more drops (all the while, the drops aren’t working like they once did, so you keep applying drops with the hope that it’ll work). This may lead to overuse and potential corneal toxicity, which is not good.

In contrast, low-dose brimonidine (the active ingredient in LUMIFY™) selectively constricts blood vessels in the eye, thereby reducing the likelihood of rebound redness.

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