At Specs Appeal, we carry Mont Blanc eyewear, one of the best eye wear for men. Mont Blanc’s eyewear collection embodies the style and sophistication of luxury.

With ingenuity and imagination, the 3 founding fathers together created one of the most premier writing instruments in the world. They carry over this tradition to Mont Blanc’s eyewear collection.

Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, became the brand’s trademark. The Mont Blanc logo represents the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc and symbolizes the brand’s commitment to the highest quality and finest European craftsmanship.

Being in possession of a Mont Blanc is a statement of a lifestyle not only to others but also to yourself.


Dosuno frames are produced with Silflex, a proprietary organic material that’s manufactured from natural vegetable resins and is 100 per cent recyclable. This exclusive material ensures maximum resistance and is complemented by flexible hinges capable of 360° of rotation without suffering deformation or breakage.

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