Total eye wellness begins here.


The latest technological advances provide the best care.

Our doctors are up-to-date on current diagnoses and treatment of eye disease and use the latest advances in technology to provide you with the best care. Both Drs. Minh Ta and Nancy Truong are board certified to prescribe medications for the eye, including the treatment of glaucoma. They specialize in removing embedded foreign bodies in the front part of the eye, diagnosing and treating red eyes, infections, injuries, allergies and dry eye problems.

Cataracts & Allergies

Retinal Exams – We offer the Optomap which allows a great way to screen for retinal disease without dilation! We take it a step further using the Optuvue retinal scan which looks into the layers of the retina, where disease often can occur but go undetected. There are a number of diseases that may affect the back of the eye. Some conditions may not present itself with symptoms.

Glaucoma – Silent thief of vision

Diabetic Eye Exam – Diabetic retinopathy

Macular Degeneration