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Dr. Nancy Truong


Dr. Nancy Truong obtained her undergraduate degree from the prestigious Queen’s University in Canada majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology. She then attended Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago to receive her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2002.

Dr. Nancy is a highly skilled optometrist who believes in delivering personalized care that not only improves her patients’ vision and protect their eye health, but also enhances their overall well-being.  She has practiced in a variety of settings and completed her internships at the Veterans Affair in Maryland, pediatric Vision Therapy rotation, and Ocular disease training at a large ophthalmology practice in mid-Florida. She is a member of the Georgia Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

Dr. Nancy sees patients of all ages, both young and old, verbal and non-verbal. She is Board Certified in Diagnostics Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Pharmaceutical agents.

Dr. Nancy Truong is an experienced optometrist who is passionate about providing her patients at Specs Appeal in Decatur, with outstanding health care and vision services, supported by superior customer service from her staff.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children and attending their swim and soccer events.

You can reach Dr. Truong at drtruong@specsappealga.com


Dr. Minh Ta


Dr. Minh Ta has lived and traveled throughout the US and has made Georgia his home for the last 20 years. He graduated from California State at Fullerton and received his Doctoral in Chicago at the illustrious Illinois College of Optometry / Illinois Eye Institute.

Armed with a firm knowledge and a natural understanding of difficult to fit contact lenses, he has helped patients throughout Atlanta to restore their vision and regain maximal sight. Dr. Ta provides customized complex contact lens fits for those with high astigmatism or corneal disease.

Dr. Ta works hard to stay at the cutting-edge of the latest advances in eye health. He regularly attends continuing education seminars and is board-certified in Diagnostics Pharmaceutical agents and Therapeutic Pharmaceutical agents. He is actively involved in the Georgia Optometric Association and online forums and participates in Optometric and Ophthalmology journals.

Beyond eyes, he has a strong passion for things technology-related. He is a Tesla enthusiast and enjoys living life to the fullest!

Reach Dr. Ta at drta@specsappealga.com


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Located in the new Decatur Crossing Center. (Same parking lot as Verizon, at the end of the building by the trees)