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Eye and Vision Exams

Eye Exam ImageAt Specs Appeal, we provide primary and comprehensive eye care for the whole family. Preventative and routine eye exams are important to maintaining good eye health. Often, eye and vision problems do not have obvious symptoms or signs, but are easily diagnosed by an optometrist.

During our eye exam, you'll be ask questions about any symptoms or issues you are experiencing, medications your are currently taking, any blurry vision, your work environment, and your overall health. Family history and previous eye or vision conditions will also be discussed.

A Comprehensive Eye Exam may include:

  • Testing visual acuity and/or refractive error
  • Examination of peripheral visual field
  • Pupil evaluation
  • Color vision testing
  • Analysis of the visual systems
  • Examination of the internal and external parts of the eyes
  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • Examination of the health of the entire eye
  • Dropless exams using the iWellness and Optomap technology (allows you to be dilation-free) and/or a Dilated retinal evaluation if required.

Our Optometric services:

Eye Fuction Testing

We can observe how well your eyes work, both individually and together, in cooperation with the brain to process and interpret images. Our examination methods can identify strabismus, “lazy eye” (amblyopia), convergence, focus and eye teaming issues that may interfere with work efficiency, cause tired eyes when working on a computer or reading and handwriting issues in children.

Eye Health Evaluation

Using the latest slit lamp imaging and testing, our doctors are able to view the front of the eye under magnification and evaluate eye health. We also perform retinal health evaluation to view the details of the inner eye. We utilize multi-methods such as the Optomap, O.C.T., and/or biomicroscopy when necessary to view the inner eye through dilated pupils.

Diagnosis and treatment of Eye diseases

Our doctors can detect eye diseases such as Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macular degeneration in their early stages, allowing for the soonest possible treatment. We can diagnose and manage these diseases as well as a wide range of retinal disorders. Treatment recommendations may include oral or injected medications, lifestyle counseling and referrals for eye surgery.

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