Experience a Completely Customized Eyeglass Fit
M’Eye Fit Digital Measuring System

Specs appeal is proud to offer the new Essilor M’Eye Fit Digital Measuring System.  M’Eye Fit is the newest and one of the most precise instrument for the measuring and fitting of your prescription glasses. These measurements allow your glasses to be completely customized-made fitted to each person’s uniqueness.

If everyone had the same facial features and wore the same frame, predetermined measurements of wearing positions would work perfectly.  But the way a particular frame sits in front of a particular face is unique. Before digital surfacing was available, position of wear measurements didn’t matter, because we couldn’t do anything with them. Lens manufacturers designed their lenses for an average person with an vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and frame wrap. Pupillary distance was the only measurement they were concerned with, and that was pretty much the extent of fitting eyeglass lens.

But who’s average?  The fact is, any difference between how far glasses sit from your face, to the tilt and wrap of the glasses, to the patient’s specific facial measurements, can affect the visual performance of the your new lenses.

Our digital measuring device can provide this kind of precision quickly, easily and accurately.  M’Eye Fit is used for any patient and any lens type, progressive or single vision lenses. This allows for sharper vision near and far and better optical performance of your new glasses.

M’Eye Fit takes into account how the frames sit on your face, how far it fits on your face, the curvature of the frames as well as how you hold your head when you read.  This ensures that your new prescription glasses have optics that are perfectly aligned and optimized to give you the clearest possible vision.


We are the first to have the Essilor M’Eye Fit System in Atlanta

The Essilor M’Eye Fit System is not available at all eye care offices.  Specs Appeal is one of the only eye care practice within the greater Atlanta area to have this type of digital measuring instrument.  Call our office today to experience this state of the art system at 678-846-2000.

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