Dosuno offers two frames in one to overcome your daily challenges. Versatile, indestructible and flexible, they’re the perfect frame for the fast paced individual.

For added flexibility, each Dosuno frame comes with a headband, enabling the wearer to switch from wearing glasses with temples for a more secure fit.

At Specs Appeal in Decatur, we are pleased to be able to provide these to our healthcare workers who are having trouble keeping their glasses in place while wearing a N95 face mask, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.  The headband provides a secure fit, there’s less touching of the frames and is less bulky than goggles.

Dosuno frames are produced with Silflex, a proprietary organic material that’s manufactured from natural vegetable resins and is 100 per cent recyclable. This exclusive material ensures maximum resistance and is complemented by flexible hinges capable of 360° of rotation without suffering deformation or breakage.

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