With contact lenses, our focus is on comfort and affordability. As a privately owned optical office, we provide our patients with an expanded selection of lenses not found in major retailer stores or discounters. Whether you’re interested in contact lenses to wear on special occasions or looking for full-time lenses you can sleep in, we offer state of the art products and experience to fit you with the best contact lenses for you.


Disposable Soft Contact lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses is the best in terms of comfort, health and conveniece. Imagine the feeling of fresh brand new lenses every morning. Whether you are looking for ocassional wear, want to reduce your risk of ocular infections, don’t like the hassle of storing and cleaning your lenses, or work in an environment that can cause irritation and build-up on your lenses – these are an excellent choice for you!

Astigmatism Contact Lenses

We have the right contact lenses to help provide stability and sharp vision, to enhance your vision especially when it’s raining or at night.

Colored Contact lenses

We carry the newest technology and most breathable colored contact lenses on the market! Green, blue, hazel eyes – are only an eye exam* away! Schedule an appointment!*


Multifocal Contact Lenses

After around 40, you might find yourself squinting to decipher fonts or holding devices or books a little further; it’s called presbyopia but with the help of the new digital or multifocal lenses, we can get you back to seeing clearly.

We are committed to taking the time to assess your individual visual needs and concerns to fit you in the most appropriate and comfortable contact lenses. We have successfully helped many patients who had been unsuccessful in the past or who had previously been told they were not a contact lens candidate.

We offer the following contact lens:

Acuvue® Contact Lenses:
Cooper Vision:
Alcon Vision formerly Ciba Vision:
Bausch & Lomb: