Optometry For The Future


At Specs Appeal we provide comprehensive eye examinations for your entire family.

Both Drs. Minh Ta and Nancy Truong are board-certified to prescribe medications for the eye, including the treatment & management of glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic eye disease.

The Latest Technological Advances

Our doctors are up-to-date on current diagnoses and treatment of eye disease and use the latest advances in technology to provide you with the best care.


Our Comprehensive Eye Exam consists of a detailed medical history, discussion of your visual needs going over how you use your eyes at work and leisure, evaluate ocular health and check for eye diseases.

We offer the Optomap which allows a great way to screen for eye disease in the retina without dilation!

We examine deeper into the eyes usng the Optovue retinal scan.  Using light technology (similar to an ultrasound) we look into the layers of the retina, where disease often can occur but go undetected. We take the time to review our findings with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Children’s Eye Exams

80% of learning is through the eyes.

Vision-related problems can sometimes be observed with rubbing eyes often, holding books too close or too far away, headaches, eyestrain, double vision, loss of place with reading, attention or poor reading comprehension for an otherwise bright-child. 

One in four children have an undetected vision issue and may be misdiagnosed as having attention issues or a learning deficit.


The toughest part is that kids don’t complain.  If they perform better when quizzed orally than on written tests, or than when learning from reading, it would be a good idea to get their eyes checked.  It is not unusual that the child might have a hidden vision problem that may be handicapping them.

We see children of all ages. We tailor the exam to meet your child.  We have objective methods of measuring your children’s vision and can still examine your child’s eyes even if they don’t know their letters.  Most of these methods need very little input from your child. Please feel free to call if you have questions before scheduling an examination. Want to ease your child’s anxiety? Bring him in for a tour of the office!


Vision Source Specialist

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