Community Involvement

We are honored to be able to give back to the community by being a part of the See Kids Soar program in which we provide free eye care and glasses to children in need.

One in four children in the United States has a vision problem that affects their ability to learn, and many don’t have access to the vision care they need. In an effort to help bridge the gap, Specs Appeal has chosen to be part of this program in partnership with the Essilor Vision Foundation.

“We know there are children in our community who need vision care but don’t have access to it,” says Dr. Nancy Truong. “Through the help of Essilor Vision Foundation’s Changing Life through Lenses™ program, we can make a significant impact in a child’s life and hopefully make a difference.”

Through this program, Specs Appeal in Decatur will offer eye exams and glasses at no-cost reserving several appointments each month for this cause.

The Changing Lives Through Lenses™ program is specifically designed to help provide vision care and eyeglasses at no charge to people at or below the poverty level without vision insurance. The program does not provide no-cost eyeglasses or vision services to consumers with the ability to pay.  These charitable services are limited based on eligibility and restricted to predetermined community outreach.

“Vision is an invisible problem; unlike hunger or tooth decay, children are often unable to self-identify that their vision is impaired,” explains Kim Schuy, President of Essilor Vision Foundation. “By participating in the Changing Lives through Lenses™ program, Specs Appeal is taking an active role in advocating for the children in their community.”

To learn more or make a donation to the foundation, please visit the Essilor Vision Foundation.

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