Did you know 1 in 4 kids have a vision problem that can negatively affect school performance and their ability to play sports? They can have a hidden vision problem but don’t realize it simply because they didn’t realize they could be seeing clearer.

80% of learning is through the eyes

Vision-related problems can sometimes be observed with rubbing eyes often, holding books too close or too far away, headaches, eyestrain, double vision, loss of place with reading, attention or poor reading comprehension for an otherwise bright-child.


One in four children have an undetected vision issue and may be misdiagnosed as having attention issues or a learning deficit

We see children of all ages and tailor the exam to meet your child. If you are worried your child doesn’t know all their letters, that is not a problem. We have objective methods of measuring that does not depend on your child’s responses.

Please feel free to call if you have questions before scheduling an examination. Want to ease your child’s anxiety? Bring him or her into Specs Appeal for a tour of the office!

We know kids and carry innovative tough glasses frames that are made to last. We carry Nano Vista glasses, Miraflex glasses and Wiley X Youth Sports glasses, along with traditional frame glasses for kids in brands such as Rayban Jr, Polo & Lily Pulitzer.

Nano Vista Children’s Frames

Nano Optical glasses are designed for kids on the go.

Comfortable, adaptable, flexible, resistant and long lasting. Its extreme flexibility make them one of the best kids frame equipped for wear and tear. These glasses are made in Spain and are made of SILIFLEX™ material, making them lighter than other glasses, BPA-free and have a special flexible hinge design making them durable.

All NANO Optical frames collection are two in one. Two types of temples come with every frame, a traditional temple and a headband temple. By having two fixing systems this allow the child’s glasses adapt to everyday situations: temples for the classroom and headband to play.

Miraflex Glasses

Miraflex glasses is a collection of soft plastic frames offering a very comfortable option for kids.  These are flexible & safe, Italian-made frames that have no metal parts and are BPA free, rubber free, latex free & are hypo-allergenic.

Miraflex frames offer an anatomically designed bridge that eliminates the need for nose pads.  By omitting metal parts and the need for nose pads – both potential dangers for children, it makes it one of the safest option for your child’s protective eyewear.  Designed by a father looking for better eyewear options for his child, Miraflex eyewear have been providing quality frames for children for the last 20 years.