Chemistrie Sunglass Clips

Introducing Chemistrie Sunlenses, the magnetic click-on lens layering system that can turn prescription eyewear into attractive, effective, polarized sunlenses.—in a snap! Or rather, a “click.”

Chemistrie Sunlenses are the first “click-on” clip-on—a durable, stylish sunglass product that matches the base curve of the existing primary pair, and attaches to the front of the lens using ingenious, virtually invisible embedded magnets.

No bulky, bendy frames. No unsightly clips.  Imagine—click on sunlenses that match the outer surface of your lenses perfectly.

Since Chemistrie Sunlenses work with virtually any type or style of frame, your cool glasses…can now become your cool sunglasses!

The possibilities are endless as you can also make these into clip on reading glasses or even 3-D lenses! No more bulky glasses.

Call us to get started on getting these for your glasses!

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